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    How will we protect our most precious resource today, for tomorrow?
    Virtual Expo Dubai OpenExternal
    • Time  ICOn
      Date & Time 23 March | 10:30 - 15:20 GST
    • duration
      Duration 5 Hours
      • Be inspired to conserve this lifeblood of civilisations, economies and communities
      • Hear from thought leaders and community advocates, innovators and policy-makers
      • Held in association with the UAE Minister of State for Food and Water Security's Office
    Covering more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, water is the lifeblood of our civilisations, economies and communities. We use it to move money, goods and people around the world, to grow food and to generate power. It is essential to our development – and its conservation is key to our hopes of a safe, clean and healthy future.

    Join us as we explore how this finite life-sustaining resource may be preserved for infinite uses and what best practices can ensure clean and adequate water for people, industry and the planet.

    Highlights you can expect

    World Majlis | Fragile Waters
    With about eight million tonnes of waste being dumped into rivers and oceans each day, our great water bodies are failing. How do we turn the tide of water pollution to ensure more resilient water ecosystems and how can we continue to benefit from these resources without further disturbing their balance? Join us in this World Majlis conversation, as we explore the answers to these complex questions.

    Water is Life: Managing & Protecting Our Water for the Health, Wealth & Happiness of Future Generations
    As global water resources face growing risks and challenges, we highlight initiatives that honour this precious and finite resource by protecting and managing water for the health, wellness and happiness of future generations. Hear about grass-roots and civil-society efforts, as well as private sector action in this session.
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